Commit ae3d891d authored by Gabriel Margiani's avatar Gabriel Margiani

eventhook fix address resolution.

parent 7b0dda71
......@@ -31,7 +31,7 @@ p3::eventHook::eventHook(config& c, phonebook& p) :
void p3::eventHook::run_call_hook(std::string event, int cid, std::string nr, std::string data) {
run_hook(event, std::to_string(cid), nr, data);
run_hook(event, std::to_string(cid), book.address_by_nr(nr), data);
void p3::eventHook::run_hook(std::string event, const std::string& a2, const std::string& a3, const std::string& a4) {
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