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3phone is a simple command line sip phone for linux based on pjsip.
3phone uses a client-server model, so it can be quit easy integrated into a
(keyboard driven) desktop environment. It is mend as real-phone-replacement, and
doesn't support much of the functionality one takes for granted with other softphones.
Install the pjproject libs. At the moment boost/algorithms/string.hpp is needed too.
and put `3phone` somewhere in your path.
run `3phone s` once to generate the default config file in `~/.3phonerc` and adjust it to your needs.
you need an mono wav file as ringtone.
The format of the phone book file is as follows, one contact per line:
`Name > Number > optionalSlug`
The slug can be used a shortcut to the contact and identify current calls. Try to make all columns unique.
You can define a callback script to be run on the events specified in call.cpp. If configured, it will be run like ` event callId remoteNumber`
First start a server: `3phone s` if everything is set up correctly, it will connect to your sip account.
to make a call, run: `3phone c number`
to answer an incoming call: `3phone a` if there are more then one incoming call, 3phone will ask you which one to use.
to hangup a call: `3phone h`
* Client-Server model, nonblocking commands to control calls.
* phone book
* event hook
* display/input numbers like in normal phones (no sip urls, so calls from/to different domains may result in chaos!)
* coming...
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